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Is your Power Window broken, stuck, off the track or did it just drop into the door?

Unfortunately most Modern Power Window Regulators Will Break!

The problem - cheap plastic parts in the regulator mechanism that move the window up and down. (Usually the power window motor is not to blame!)

It gets worse! Think your troubles are over just by buying a new window regulator? Wrong! The new regulator is made with the same cheap plastic parts and will break again! In our many years of experience we have seen Brand New power window regulators break after only 3 days of use!

The good news! - Your problems are over! Our power window regulators are designed to last!  We take the original manufacturer (OEM) window regulator and replace all the plastic parts that break with metal parts - it lasts the lifetime of your car!

Imagine that – a repair system so strong and durable, that you will NEVER need to worry about this problem again.

It gets better!  – Free Mobile Service! 

That’s Right! We come to your work, home, coffee shop, grocery store, gym, beauty salon anywhere that is convenient for you, so you can keep on doing what’s important to you!  Don’t let your power window problem ruin your day, and don’t waste your precious time dropping your vehicle off at a dealership or repair shop!

Now lets make it even better! - FREE Professional installation?

You purchase our Special Power Window Regulator and we install it for FREE!

Whether you are mechanically inclined or not, our service is designed for you!

SPECIAL BONUS! Lifetime Guarantee!

For as long as you own the vehicle we will back our Special Power Window Regulator with a lifetime guarantee!*

No hidden fees and No surprises! Our price includes all parts, labor time, and travel expenses within the (Metro Phoenix Area.**)

Who are we?

Paul, “Captain” -  20 years auto experience. Design Engineer Uni. Westminster BSc (Hons)

Robert, “First Mate” - 25 years mechanical rebuild experience (Mitsubishi, Ryobi Certified)

Marty, “Chief Engineer” - 23 years experience Porsche Master Mechanic
We offer a 5-star Professional Service at a PRICE NO ONE CAN BEAT! 

Lets Recap your Options!

Option 1 - Pay $450 -$750 at the Dealer or Repair Shop, face the inconvenience of not having your vehicle for a day or two, then get ready to do it all over again in a year or so when the regulator fails again, because it will FAIL AGAIN!

Option 2 - Purchase a sub-standard aftermarket regulator that will also fail again, sometimes within days or months and experience the hassle of putting it in yourself, hoping you don't break or damage anything.

Option 3 - Call us Toll Free! Without charge we come to you at your convenience. We include Free Installation of our special Power Window Regulator! Once the power window is repaired to your satisfaction, all you pay is $99 for our Special Service (most cars, trucks and vans!***)

If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay a dime!

Call now and schedule your Power Window Repair Today!

Toll Free @ 1-855-Rolls-Up

Local Call @ 480-570-5116


* Lifetime guarantee only applies to certain vehicles. Ask for further details. Our standard guarantee is 1 year on all parts and labor. Note, If your power window regulator becomes inoperable after our service, you will need to visit our central phoenix location for a replacement unit

**Fuel Surcharge may apply to customers residing outside the 101 - 202 freeway boundaries

***$99 Most Vehicles, most domestic and asian vehicles are $99. European Vehicles and specialty vehicles cost more, ask for a free quote on your vehicle.